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Kwaku Aluguntugui attacks Twene Jonas for trolling Ghanaian leaders [Video]

Ghanaian comedian Kwaku Aluguntugui blast Twene Jonas

Ghanaian comedian Shadrack Kwaku Opoku popularly known as popularly known as Kwaku Aluguntugui, has attacked Twene Jonas and condemned him for always trolling the leaders of the country.

Twene Jonas has been criticizing Ghanaian leaders for some time now with his trending videos on social media. Jonas is of the view that Ghana has a lot of resources that can help develop the country but our leaders are lazy.

To him Ghana when compared to the United State of America is nothing but a farm.

In response to the troll from ‘the system is working 24/7’ guy Kwaku Aluguntugui has said that Jonas attacks is a fact but he needs to come up with an idea to fix such problem.

‘He stated that all his trolling are just for the leaders, and educated people also support such harsh words from him, he quizzed.

He indicated that the youth of today die very young 20 – 23yrs then they are gone because of disrespect to the elderly.

Kwaku, further stated that if Twene Jonas doesn’t beg for forgiveness from the leaders of the country he will never stop attacking him.

He also urged Ghanaians who are in support of Jonas to get sand and cement with stones for them to start constructing road from their homes to the street to help shape the nation.

Watch the video below:


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