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Asamoah Gyan shows off huge money he made from ‘susu box’ savings in just 6 months

Former Ghana black stars captain, Asamoah Gyan has today shown off the money he made from saving inside his ‘Susu box’ in just 6 months.

The boxes are two and in an Instagram live video, the footballer ordered his senior brother and others in his house to break it open.

A huge sum of money was discovered after breaking the box.

Gyan said he started the savings about 6 months ago — somewhere during lockdown.

He remarked that the reason why he wants his fans to know about this is so that they’ll get to know the importance of savings.

The 35-year-old added that his denominations may look big but people should not be discouraged by the little that they can save on their own.

“Even if it’s 1 cedis,2 cedis, 5cedis; If that’s your capacity ,save it. Don’t look at mine and give up. We all need to learn how to save”, he said.

“I used to do this as a kid. This money you’re seeing here, I’ll use part to buy some items and donate to charity, the rest, to the bank. If I can do it, then, you can do it too”, he further said.

He continued;

“This is what I was doing during the lockdown. Anytime I came back from work I just dropped whatever was left in my pocket in the box.If I can do it,so can you.Some of spend so much on food.Put your monies in a box,I made all this insix months

When I was little I use to do this same thing and it really helped me.Everything you get please put it down in a box.I am not saying don’t chew Kebab and have fun.It’s just a simple advice that I am giving you.An experience that will help all of you.If you like you can take it,if you don’t you can move on with your life as well”.

Watch the video below:


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