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A Doctor With Style! Beauty & Brainy Sonia Pookie Is A Queen Of Swimwear & Resort Fashion

Serving skin on Instagram is not for everybody nor every body. Only a few can or should pull it off, and when they do, they have to pull it off very well. One style influencer who is doing just that in some of the most amazing swimwear looks is a lady by the name of Sonia aka @soniapookie as known on Instagram.

Together with her slim slender physique, she manages to capture the style senses of her female followers, whilst maintaining enough elegance and sophistication to allow men’s imaginations to run wild. And for that, the beautiful Sonia Pookie makes tops our BikiniBae this week.

But in all fairness, Sonia’s style representation is more than just bikinis and swimwear! She tends to have the whole resort fashion catalog splashed across her whole Instagram page, of which we filtered down for the BikiniBae segment of the website.

Another fun fact is Sonia Pookie is not just beautiful but an extensive amount of braids and she should be referred to as Doctor. Doctor Sonia stuns and goes viral in all her looks, she’s a lover of fashion, travel, and food, and by all means, Nsoromanews.com is a lover of her, check out her haute looks below.














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