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Fear woman when it comes to cheating – AK Songstress

Most of the time conversations and argument over who cheats most between the opposite sex ends with vague answers. It’s always imbalance as both sexes support their gender. But it seems AK Songstress expresses a deeper revelation about the topic, thus women are worse with cheating.

As a matter of fact, apparently, men are adjudged the most deadly when it comes to cheating. But the question is is it that the women don’t cheat? Per the singer’s view, they do, just that they still maintain how they treat their man. This also means that men could never notice when their women cheat on them.

My feud with Mzbel is just another temptation in life – AK Songstress -  Newsflashgh

According to her, both men and women give attention to their partners when they are in love. However, immediately men start cheating, the attention diminishes. With this, the woman will feel the break in their connection. Unlike men, women on the other still give attention while cheating. Which will make it difficult to figure out.

“When a man is in love with you he pays attention to you.

When a woman is in love with you she pays attention to you.

When a man is cheating he loses attention
When a woman is cheating she still pays attention.

Spot the difference?” She shared with the hashtag beware of women. To what extent do you agree with her?


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