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Hiplife Legend Formally Known As Tic Tac Speaks On The Claims That Some Ghanaian Artists Are Broke-Inside Story

Tic Tac Speaks On The Claims That Some Ghanaian Artists Are Broke

Formally know as Tic Tac and practically one of Ghana’s all time greatest Hiplife artists has taken time out to tell much and has shared his thoughts on how he feels when people say Ghanaian musicians are broke. The currently known Bra Tic has in his statement meant that it hasn’t been written anywhere and if it has then he is yet to see where the claims that all musicians must be rich from their craft comes from.

According to the Hiplife legend, being broke isn’t something that should be limited to a certain profession and he feels it is because people from all walks of life can go broke if they are not able to handle their affairs properly

In a video circulating on social media, the artist is seen giving in much convincements to his point.

I deserved more VGMA nominations – Tic - AsempaNews.com

He said “There are Doctors and journalists who are broke, it’s about human management, sometimes it’s not your fault to be broke, you may be unlucky but sometimes too you may succeed through music as a musician.”

Adding that, “For me, I get bothered when people giggle at some Ghanaian musicians for being broke, I get worried because there are great musicians across the world who didn’t get rich. Some musicians may be creators only but not businessmen and all they may know how to do is music so they may need businessmen as managers to assist in creating wealth from their talent”.

To all readers, you might have probably heard these claims from individuals across time and space, what is your take on this very claims too??


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