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SAD: Brilliant graduate poisoned days before he was to fly to USA for a job

A man has narrated the sad story of a brilliant Ghanaian university graduate who was poisoned to death during the Xmas festivities after going out to party with friends.

What makes the story all the sadder is that his death was borne out of jealousy as he was to travel in the early days of 2021 to take up a job he had secured in the United States. read the full story below.

Folks, we shouldn’t take things lightly at all, extra vigilance and know who we consider friends. Let me share a very current true story.🛑

So this guy just completed one of the Universities in Ghana with distinction. Call it luck or grace, dude secures a job in the United States of America and scheduled to leave Ghana after the Christmas festivities.

Last week was Christmas so dude decided to go have fun with some friends to celebrate these great feet and bid good byes. After all the partying, dude got home and started complaining of stomach pains, worsened and was later vomiting blood. Long story short, dude was poisoned at the party and couldn’t live to see 2021, currently in the morgue as I type.

A mother’s last child destined for greatness to bless the family is wasted just like that. You can imagine the mother’s cry and condition, uncontrollable. He was out with people he considered friends. May he find eternal rest 😔

Guys, the cruelty and wickedness is our world now is unimaginably real. Let’s take precautionary good care of ourselves out there, and also pray for God’s Grace and protection for each other. May all wickedness and negative souls around us be exposed and defeated in Jesus name, Amen!

Just spoke with his cousin and thought I should share for lessons. Cheers to life


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