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There Were No Three Wise Men In The Bible – Bishop Nana Obiri Yeboah

Ordained man of God and founder of O.I.C international Bishop Nana Obiri Yeboah has disclosed that the Bible has no three wise men stated in it as we have been made to believe.

According to the brief interview of the revered God’s preacher , even though there were wise men who came from the east and use the star as direction to the Birth place of baby Jesus in order to present their gifts , the Bible did not state any particular number.

“The wise men actually came from the east and followed the Star to where Baby Jesus Was Born but nowhere in the Bible does it state that there were three wise men” – he explained

He further made it clear that people might have concluded there were three wise men because they brought three different gifts.

But the Bible does not contain any quotation that justify the number of the number of wise men who went to visit the baby Jesus.

Watch the full video of his interview and get educated more.



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