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This man caught his wife with another man in bed, 7 months later she got pregnant. Read full story

Man caught his wife with another man in bed

This husband found his wife married for 3 years in bed another man right in his house. Husband named Julius and wife named Sarah are in a long term relationship that ended in marriage 1 year after they met. In the 3rd year to make full 4 years he came to a surprise to find his wife in bed with another man by the name of Ceasar. Julius and Ceasar do not know each other every well but they are familiar with each other. As they say that unknown person won’t sabotage you but the person who knows you even if they don’t know you very well they can sabotage you.

Sarah betrayed her husband Julius with Ceasar because Julius became a faithful man after he met her. This is unfair for Julius to find out that Sarah is cheating and worst part in the bed room right in their marriage house they bought to build their family there.

In the beginning, Sarah always liked to flirt with other man which Julius didn’t like it cause he knew the friendliness of Sarah might end up somewhere. He did trust her but didn’t want to look on the positive trust but had to look at it the other way.

It was on Monday morning when Julius left for work as usual as Sarah is a work from home wife, she sell takeaway food, clothes and do nails. Julius left to work and Sarah as usual thought Julius left to work and is already working. Not knowing that Julius would come back for something he left, she invited her side dish to her home which it’s owned by her and Julius as a marriage house.

Juilus is an IT guy who works for a multi million company in the city, that Monday Julius left his modem at home and went back for it because he uses internet at work. The company buys Julius lot of data because he also work when he is at home and have to use internet to check things in the company server remotely.

On Monday, Julius went back home around 7:36am to fetch the modem he have to use at work. He knocks in at work by 8:00am and decided that he still have time and he can make back home and again rush to work. When he arrives at home he went straight to the bedroom where he left the modem at. To a surprise he caught his wife with another man in their bed, he got furious and decided to fight the two.

He decided not to kill them as it was a quick plan to do so because he left betrayed so much by his 3 years and 11 months wife. He is not murder, he decided not to go to work and face the situation. He called Sarah’s family and showed them what Sarah was doing. Julius didn’t let Ceasar go he wanted Sarah’s parents to see the him as live evidence. He didn’t want them to get out of the bed so that when the family arrives they should find them the way he found them too.

Sarah’s family is not staying far, only couple of blocks away from where they stay. They did arrive and saw what Sarah was busy doing. They were so ashamed to learn that their daughter has an eye for another men out here than Julius. Julius decided to divorce Sarah but the state and family adviced for marriage council to move forward.

Now that Julius is still married to Sarah along with the knowledge of that Sarah cheated, he is not the same relaxed man because he doesn’t know what can happen. He still has his IT job and now have beautiful twin girls. Sarah got pregnant after 7 months break up with Ceasar, should Julius go for DNA test or it’s convincing that the twins named Pearl and Lucia are his own?



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