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“Religious Leaders Make The Most Money Off Gullible People,” Aisha Yesufu Reiterates

For an individual to be described as being gullible, they have the tendency to be easily tricked into doing something that they otherwise wouldn’t if they were knowledgeable enough about the downfalls of what they are getting themselves into.

Such a person is often fooled into believing something that is not true.

There are some three categories of people who often get field days with gullible people out there: Politicians, Internet fraudsters and some religious leaders (It is unfortunate and unthinkable that this group found itself in this though)

Politicians often lie to citizens about things they haven’t and won’t do and gullible people believe them.

Internet fraudsters normally concoct all sorts of stories to persuade people over the internet into parting with huge sums of money when in actual fact, they are just talking these people for granted.

Then some religious leaders also use dubious means to extort money from their congregants. This has been a norm that has been going on and some people have since been speaking out about it.

In the wake of the activities of all these groups of people, a Twitter user sought to find out which of the groups is best at it in taking unsuspecting people for a ride and making fools out of them by getting their daily meals out of them.

He asks; “Who makes the most money off gullible people? Politicians, Yahoo boys or Religious leaders ?”

It was this query that Nigerian rights activist Aisha Yesufu responded to by saying, quite emphatically, and I guess many would agree with her, that our religious leaders are the best at it in making the most money out of gullible people.

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Aisha Yesufu

Who do you personally think takes this; politicians, yahoo boys or the religious leaders?



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