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I’ll beat Bukom Banku to death – Akrobeto

I’ll slap Bukom Banku for bleaching his skin – Akrobeto

Comic actor and TV host, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as ‘Akrobeto’, has threatened to beat Bukom Banku for bleaching his skin.

Akrobeto advised the boxer to stop bleaching his skin as it would have a damning effect on him.

“Bukom, stop bleaching your skin. Stop it. It is not good. I am ready to slap him if I see him. It will have an effect on you so stop it,” he said in local dialect Twi.

Bukom Banku, who has over the years had 29 fight wins with only one loss, has said that he bleached his skin for the second time to revive his dying name and influence.

According to him, his influence was dipping, and as such he needed to do something ‘crazy’ that will help revive his name in the country.

“This bleaching is for a joke. Just when my name is coming down small, then I do something then my name wakes up in Ghana and people will shout fresh, fresh. When I bleach myself, my name also wakes up but my big father tell me that make I stop so I stop,” he said in a media interview.


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