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Armed soldiers were ready to shoot and kill us – NDC MP

A member of Parliament(MP) has alleged that armed troops who entered the parliament hall in the heat of conflict between politicians from both sides were ready to shoot and eliminate anybody who opposed their path.

The Representative of Parliament(MP) for South Dayi in the Volta Region who challenged the soldiers, Rockson-Nelson Este Kwami Dafeamekpor, suggested that he had an impression from their leader that they were in the chamber to conduct the lawmakers’ polls and were under the express order to shoot and kill anyone who protested to this order.

He announced on Accra-based Okay Fm  monitored by saying;

I opposed their presence, and one of them struck me with a weapon butt, and the other stunned me with a taser gun. In order to defeat us, they came in and there was no place for talks. People weren’t prepared to talk. They told us that they were told to come and take the polls and behave, and that they had to beat those of us who refused. “The soldiers also told us that they have authority orders for shooting and killing.

“We told them they will have to kill all of us. If you observed, when the soldiers stormed the chamber all the NPP MPs sat down…none of them was shocked as how the  over 15 armed soldiers entered the chamber. They knew what they had done”, he pointed out.



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