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Phone thieves mistakenly post their photos on the Facebook story of the person they stole from

A group of young boys who stole a handset from a woman has just a made a big mistake after they accidentally uploaded their photos to the Facebook story of the person they stole from.

Mr. Paramza Kofi Hamza Maiga who shared the photos on Facebook said his wife’s phone got stolen.

Interestingly, the boys who stole it mistakenly uploaded their photos on his wife’s Facebook story.

Paramza says he suspects the boys live around Ogbojo or Botwe, near Madina.

He’s hence appealing to the public to help in finding these boys.

“These boys stole my wife’s phone and accidentally posted their pictures on her Facebook story. I suspect they live around Ogbojo or Botwe. If you know any of them, contact me.”, he captioned the photos.


One of his friends on Facebook advised him to buy a new phone for his wife and forget about the boys.

However, Paramza insisted that once the identity of the boys have been discovered, it’s not fair to allow them to go scott free.


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