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Rapper Erigga blasts African Christians

Nigerian hip-hop icon, Erigga has suggested that African Christians have refused to use their common sense in dealing with the life issues.

In a tweet, he stated that it’s only African Christians who can buy a factory and convert into a church where they will pray for jobs instead of creating job opportunities themselves.

He tweeted:

“Only Africa Christians would buy a factory and convert it into a church where they will pray for jobs”


His followers agreed with him saying it is because most of these Christians have been brainwashed —- thus making them gullible.

She replied: “That is how gullible we are. They’ve brainwashed us into believing that we must pray to get everything. Imagine sitting at home and expecting manner to fall, it is really sad to be honest. Religion is our problem and the earlier we realise that..then just then will we know peace.”

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Another person added that our sense of reasoning as Africans have been taken away from us.

“Because African man can’t reason cos the sense of reasoning has been taken from him and boxed in the form of doctrines leading the average Africans to think no other way to go about life except been religious. Life is a survival equation meant to be solved or deduced.”

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