[Sad]:The 14-Year Old Boy Who Was Sentenced to Death By Electrocution, And Later Found Innocent Of The Pressed Charges

What did you think a fourteen years old boy would have done to you to make me deserve a death by electrocution? Well, you could say nothing due to your own thinking and pity on such a boy, you would be thinking that he would have done something bad due to his lack of enough knowledge, but this is not so when it comes to panel of judges as everyone is equal before the law.

However, we would be taking a look at the youngest boy to be sentenced to death by electrocution. His name is George Stinney Jr. he was just a little boy in his teens when he was charged to the court of law for the death of two white girls.

Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth on Twitter: "The CFSY remembers  George Stinney during Black History Month. 70 years later, racial  disparities still carry a disproportionate impact.…"

It was noted that on one fateful day for George was he playing with his younger sister outside their house, when two whites girls visited him asking where to get some flowers.

As a nice boy, he described the way to get the flowers for the girls. They thanked him and left their own ways. According to George’ s sister, she made it known to newsmen when she was interviewed that she didn’ t set her eyes on the girls.

However, after some hours, the cops found the dead bodies of the two white girls besides George’ s parent’ s house. As usually, the police stormed the house of the residents and arrested George. They made it known that George was the only grown up around the crime scene.

Indeed, even without legitimate examinations, George was labeled the killer. He had to say something saying he did it. His court trail didn’ t last as long as 12 hours before the decision was given. George was condemned to death by electric shock. He was the most youthful individual actually to be given a capital punishment in the US. There was not a lot which the African American population could do to ensure George.

Unfortunately, in the early morning of June 16, 1944, George Stinney Jr was attached to a seat with destroys streaming his guiltless face. He was shocked to death. He was blameless however the jury neglected to do appropriate examinations prior to concluding he was blameworthy. The genuine killer of the young ladies was a white transporter, as indicated by new proof. It was exclusively following 70 monotonous years, in the year 2014, that the fact of the matter was found.

We truly trust that the guiltless soul of George Stinney Jr would keep on resting in wonderful harmony. George is a saint for the blacks and won’ t ever be failed to remember. What’ s your opinion on George’ s story? It would be ideal if you remark and offer! ! !


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