What Bitter leaf and milk does to your body if you take it every morning

As we all know Bitter leaf is a vegetable which we use to cook the popular delicious Bitter leaf soup.

Although we see this plant everyday, many people do not have any idea of the powerful health benefit of bitter leaf juice.

If you want to get the best results from bitter leaf, you should drink the juice when it has been freshly squeezed out from the bitter leaf.

Bitter leaf juice boosts fertility, fights prostate cancer – Nutritionist

Drinking bitter leaf with milk or honey can do a whole lot of things to your body system.

Here are some of the things milk and bitter leaf can do to your body

1 – Bitter leaf and milk or honey can help to boost your libido and also increase fertility

2 – if you want a clearer eye sight a mixture of bitter leaf can help you to improve it, you just have to be consistent in taking it for you to see results

3 – .if you are an ulcer patient you can drink bitter leaf juice and milk, it can help to reduce ulcer pains

4 – You can use Bitter leaf juice and milk to reduce high blood pressure as bitter leaf contains High potassium which can help to reduce hypertension.

5 – if you take a cup of bitter leaf juice and milk every morning, it can help you detoxify the body system and get rid of harmful toxins.

6 – Taking Bitter leaf juice with honey or milk can also nourish the skin and promote your hair growth too

7 – for nursing mothers you can also use Bitter leaf juice to increase breast milk production.

8 – you can use the roots and stalks of bitter leaf to get rid of worms, bitter leaf juice can work as a worm expelled if you take drink a cup of it first thing in the morning.


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