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Ghanaian Lesbian Couple Flaunts Baby Bump – Thank God For Blessing Them With A Child – Photos

In the wake of LGBT issues in Ghana, a Ghanaian lesbian couple has boldly come out to state their existence!

Young Ghanaian lesbian couple expecting their first child has flaunted baby bump.

Taken to social media, the ‘male’ partner of the unidentified couple shared their love story, their journey so far and their expectations as they await the arrival of their new baby.

He wrote, ‘As your age increase today so Our family will soon increase, you can already feel the new family member in ur womb, I only ask God to continue blessing us as he has blessed us so far, so that our children will not lack anything…….The family grows as my love for You , kept within you is the greatest treasure we could have in life……Now, wen I hug you, I feel double love and this is the feeling I neva imagine existed. I thank you fr making the family the happiest family in the universe. I love you so much , our life and our growing family…….May all your life be filled with loving memories! Happy birthday,  sweetie!!….#still LogOut##De Normal Billionaire#

The couple, however, failed to state how they achieved the pregnancy!

See photos below;


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