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Slay Queens Set Social Media Ablaze On Facebook Live -WATCH

Two Slay Queens have set the information superhighway, the social media on fire as they were spotted twerking on Facebook live that caused massive comments online.

Live streaming attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from users.

According to the video, these Slay Queens may hail from a French-speaking country, as they were heard speaking French.

It is no longer news how many of these bad ladies use social media to market themselves for men to see them and start salivating.

In the video, these slay queens were almost [email protected] and were twerking in front of the camera.

Now the world has turn into something else since most ladies has no shame to show their naked body in public.

Take a look at what these slay queens were doing on Facebook life that is causing a massive stir online.

See photos below…

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