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Prince Gumah Kamal A National Youth Organizer Donates Ramadan Drinks To The NPP Muslim Youth Camps In The North East Regional Capital Nalerigu

Prince Gumah Kamal, a National Youth Organizer hopeful, donated assorted drinks to NPP Muslim Youth Camps in the North East Regional Capital, Nalerigu, as his gift to them for the Ramadan.

The Youths were happy as it was visibly seen. They prayed for Prince Gumah to succeed as the next NPP National Youth Organizer.

They believed that, since Prince Gumah has remembered them now with the little he has, he will remember them when he eventually succeeds.

Longlive NPP
Longlive Prince Gumah.

Compiled by:
*Majid Nambe*.
Communications Team Member, PKG 4 NYO.


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