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Cloth used to decorate a dead body gets stolen;town elders to meet over the theft in Gbi-Abansi

A Facebook page by the name Gbi Community is reporting a stolen cloth that was used to decorate a dead body.

According to the post by the page, the cloth was stolen after a corpse wore it during its lying in state. The statement further detailed that since a dead person had already wore the cloth, it can not be owned by anyone and has a matter of fact, it should be returned to the Town Elder of Gbi-Abansi , Evans Yao Sika.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CLOTH ANYWHERE? PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY. A corpse wore it lying in state before it was stolen. It cannot be owned by just anyone. Please have it returned to Town Elder Evans Yao Sika of Gbi-Abansi before the town elders gather over the theft. Pass the message on, please. NOTE: Inbox Gbi Community or Gbi Viwo if you have any tips / useful info. Thank you for reading. God bless you.”



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