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Kumawood: Between Maame Serwaa And Yaa Jackson; Who Looked More Inappropriate In Their Hot Photos

Maame Serwaa and Yaa Jackson are two young Kumawood actresses who started acting together as child actors. A lot of Ghanaians considered Yaa Jackson and Maame Serwaa to be twins but they have no family relationship. They are just best friends in Kumawood movie industry. These two actresses have played a lot of roles in their movies together.

Yaa Jackson and Maame Serwaa have really grown in full women now. They have been stunning us with a lot of hot and attractive photos on Instagram. A lot of Ghanaians have been retaliating to the hot photos of these two celebrities and they sometimes consider them to be inappropriately dressed. In this article, I will bring you with some hot of photos of Yaa Jackson and Maame Serwaa that some Ghanaians claim to be inappropriate.

Maame Serwaa

Maame Serwaa has been the people’s dearest for the past 13 years. She has played a lot of prominent roles in her movies and she interpreted them perfectly. Being one of the most admired and influential celebrities in Ghana, she has won a lot of accolades in her career as an actress. Maame Serwaa is really endowed with huge shapes and she is recognized among the most curvaceous actresses in Ghana.

Yaa Jackson

The youngest most idolized actress and musician in Ghana, Yaa Jackson has really been one of the people’s favourite for the past 17 years. Being starred in over 150 movies in her career, she is recognized to be one of the best actresses that the Kumawood movie industry has seen.

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