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Photos Of Three Suspected Sakawa Boys Caught On Camera While Allegedly Making Sacrifices

Recently, some Painful Photos have surfaced online, where three young men suspected to be “Sakawa Boys” where caught on camera bathing inside a cemetery while performing some ritual Sacrifices.

According to the information gathered by a reliable source, the three suspected”Sakawa Boys” were putting on a red cloths around their waists, as the video footage trending online was captured by an unknown individual, who appeared to be filming the while scenario from an Uncompleted Building.

Following the video, one of the men was spotted making some incantations which is believed to be ritual processes into a certain grave. While the other two men continue having their bath with a soap they both shared together. But surprisingly they later dropped the soap on one of the graves before running away through the fence, so they won’t be caught by someone.

Meanwhile, the location where the video was captured was not made known by the Source, but it is a Known fact that those three men are internet fraudster who are in a quest to make money by all means, notwithstanding the implications attached to fetish Activities.

Personally I don’t know why some young men have chose to go into fetish and ritual activities, just because they want to make money. Some younger generations who have joined “Sakawa Boys”, are yet to understand that there is always a repercussion for every action we take here on Earth.

What is your thought over this Video?

Below are the Photos gathered from the video footage:



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