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Tears flow as layer Maurice Ampaw finally laid wife to rest

Ghanaian Lawyer Maurice Ampaw’s wife named Evelyn Ampaw died earlier this year.Mrs Ampaw died after suffering from a short illness.

According to information gathered by DGN Online, the controversial lawyer Maurice Ampaw in an engagement with the media was unclear of what might have caused the death of the beloved wife Evelyn Ampaw.

Recently, the lawyer appreciated the effort and supports exhibited by his beloved wife since their marriage. The lawyer said the wife has been the major pillar in his career and life as a professional lawyer.

According to the lawyer despite challenges their marriage has faced, his wife never gave up on him and it is one of the reasons he cherished her.

The lawyer is known for his indebt knowledge in the area of law and how his public utterances sometimes becomes very controversial or causes controversy.

Despite the vocal and outgoing nature of the law luminary ,his wife has been able to remain hidden from the media untill her sad passing.

The final funeral rites of the late madam Evelyn Ampaw was held earlier this morning in a very solemn ceremony that was graced by a lot of many dignitaries.

The final funeral rites was graced by friends , family members, church members and his colleagues in the learned profession of law.

During the course of the burial service the ever vocal lawyer was seen tightly holding his two kids together as they sorrowfully watch on while the various events unfold.

This is an event that no one would even wish for his enemy. The late madam Evelyn Ampaw is survived by a son and a daughter and her husband the ever vocal Dr Maurice Ampaw.

Our sincere condolences to the families of the two lovers and may they find eternal strength as they go through this trying moments.

May the soul of Madam Evelyn Ampaw rest in peace..


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