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Covid19 Vaccines: Another Good News To All Ghanaians- Read Details

The spread of the second phase of the Covid19 pandemic has undoubtedly caused more harm than good as recent reports have proven that, certain countries like Asia and South America are currently battling the Covid19 disease respectively.

However, Ghana on the other hand had its share of the Covid19 disease as lots of loved ones, government officials and just to mention but a few lost their lives over the past couple of months.

With respect to this, President Akuffo Addo imposed lots of restrictions and safety protocols to help fight against the Covid19 disease which unexpectedly didn’t go as planned and later led to the acquisition of Covid19 vaccines from other countries by the President.

After the administration of the first batch Covid19 vaccines, the number of active cases and deaths in the country unexpectedly reduced as the President again promised Ghanaians to receive the next dose of the Covid19 vaccines by early May, 2021.

With respect to this, a recent zoom meeting with Doctor Patrick Kuma-Aboagye who is the Director General of Ghana Health Service on Joynews revealed the good news to all Ghanaians whilst highlighting that, Ghana will receive its next batch of Covid19 vaccines next week as promised by President Akuffo Addo in his last address to the nation on measures against the spread of Covid19 pandemic.


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