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I Told My Mother Not to Attend The Party But She refused — Daughter of Nurse Who Died in an accident

Most of us will still be able to remember that in our minds 14 Nigerian nurse was involved in a fatal incident that occurred a few years ago. Those two people who died as a result of the crash needed medical attention, but others were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The young daughter of one of the nurse who was killed during the incident has shared her story. Her mother claimed that she hadn’t show up for the party but she had done everything in her power to try to dissuade her.

According to the first daughter of the deceased, who was an accomplished university level student, the deceased saw her mother on a day before the accident. She went on to state:

My mother called and told me that my younger sister was traveling for a bit because she was going to be staying at my place for a while. my mother was adamantly refused (even after I told her that her that my mind agreed with going to this party), and thus I picked up my younger sister, and she is totally fine with me going She advised me to be on my proper religious duties by saying, “No harm should come to us”. And, of course, I told them that God would accompany them but, of course, I had no idea that this was coming.

I believe parents should agree with their children even when it is contrary to their beliefs and/the things they don’t like. In your opinion, what is the purpose of this paragraph?

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