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Matters Arising After Completing Nursing Training College in Ghana

The nursing profession is a noble job in the whole world including Ghana. In some countries, nursing is very lucrative and conducive.

However, in Ghana before you thought of becoming a nurse you have to be ready to face the saddest part of the profession which is employment.

Ghana is now recording high amount of graduate nurses every year with a very few hospital to accommodate them for employment.

However, back at 2020, Over 40 thousand graduate nurses and midwives are home, unemployed two years after their national service. However, considering the long term duration before employment after national service or after graduation from the health institutions, many of them get themselves involved in a minor jobs such as sellings, marketing, house help, labourers, farming and even some involving themselves in Kayayo just to survive until they are posted.

This is however, unpleasant in the part of the profession that you may not want to hear of but that is the actual truth behind the scene. This is therefore different as compared to other profession such as teaching service. One is immediately employed after graduating from the teaching school as compared to nursing.

The civil servants are also employed immediately after training but not a nurse

Therefore, before an individual intend to become a nurse in Ghana, it is very important to consider the stressed one have to go through before employment after graduation from training. Gone are the days where conditions of service in the nurses profession was good but not as compared to this era. Now nurses all over Ghana are suffering even after employment because it is not lucrative and the standard of living in the profession is not comfortable. Even after employment or during national service, one have to work for more than six (6) good months before you start to receive your salary. This make some of them to indulge themselves in minor businesses to be comfortable.

In conclusion, the road to the nursing profession is not easy and comfortable in Ghana. In terms of the employment issues, it is even worse. However, one must be told to be ready to face the music before you just jumped into it if only your intention is about money in the job but not the passion for it.

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