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One year After Actor Mike Ezuruonye Had An Eye Surgery, See His Pictures

Also, the operation of the eye is known as ophthalmic surgery, which can be performed by an ophthalmologist who has special training.

The eye is an especially delicate organ that must be handled or respected during/after treatment with great care to prevent/reduce, or endure greater injury

In order to ensure that the most successful outcome, the professional eye surgeon needs to be able to choose the appropriate surgical process and follow required safety protocols.

Just for today, a lot of actors and actresses have gone through many years of medical treatment in order to look better on screen.

Nollywood actor Ezuru Mike has, who is known for many films in his country, had an announcement on social media that he is to the effect that he will be having surgery to treat his chronically eye injury and would therefore no longer be able to act for a time while filming.

While he was having a skin graft in the hospital in January of the year, he decided to put up the photos on his Instagram. Next, he made a big show of announcing that his surgery was successful.

6 Months After Undergoing Life-Threatening Eye Surgery, See How Actor Mike  Ezuruonye Looks Now (Photos)

After his surgery, Mike is doing well with his eyes, and is not experiencing any issues with them.

I Was Blind For Eight Hours - Actor Mike Ezuruonye

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