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Rawlings Alleged Daughter Insist On Her Claim. Set To Bring Proof.

Madam Abigail Mawutor Rawlings is set with photo evidence to refute Maame Dokono’s claim that her mind is unstable and that she ( Maame Dokono) haven’t met her before.

According to Abigail Mawutor, she is having some old pictures of herself and Maame Dokono eating from the same bowl. That is a clear evidence that the two of them knows each other.

Abigail spoke in an exclusive interview which she revealed everything, the presenter wanted to Know her response after Maame Dokono declared on live radio that Abigail Mawutor is an attention seeker.

And that People should disregard her claim that she was sponsored by her to run away from Ghana because her father JJ Rawlings was a military man who could harm her.

The debate about Abigail Mawutor Rawlings linked to Jerry John Rawlings still lingers on as we wait for her evidence to quash Maame Dokonos earlier claims made to Fiifi Pratt.


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