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Slain Student, Dorathy Yohanna Has Been Laid To Rest, See Photos Share From Her Burial Ceremony

Slain Student, Dorathy Yohanna Has Been Laid To Rest

where they were found on April 20 in a remote village with their throats slit, names Dorathy Yohanna was one of three Greenfield University students who was abducted on April 20th, and killed in KanBure. They were killed almost instantly, as it was discovered that they were being held captive by many people who’d be otherwise considered extremely reliable sources. Following the discovery of their killer, Yusuf Sanga and his whereabouts were also quickly reported to have been established, and his/have been identified as Precious Nwachacha was believed to have been found.

Dorathy was finally laid to rest on the 28th of April, our family members’ last night. A funeral service was held at the ECWA (Episcopal Church Women’s) Good News International church in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Examine some photos of her funeral to see how dark she really was before death.

I’m here to provide comfort to Dorathy’s family: I hope that they never have to experience sorrow again.

Dorathy’s death, alongside the countless other victims of terrorism, should serve as a warning to the federal government and security agencies to step up their game in the war against terrorists. To conclude, I would also like to encourage our soldiers to maintain their effort to win the war; however, they should employ a more aggressive approach in fighting bandit and insurgent attacks, and continue to be shielded by God.

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