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Women should not wear this. And find out what happens when you sing Worldly song – Occult Confession

As transcribed below is a confession of a former West African Occultist but now in Christ.

World Music and Christian Music in The Spirit World: He indicated how in the world of Satan, they were working with music. There is world music and Christian music. Whoever aspires to have a breakthrough in world music would need to resort to occultism as there is a lot of competition.

Unless you resort to occultism, you will not break through. Since you have musical talents, you will be sacrificed by your fellow musicians and your star and talent will be stolen.

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He continued “In order to become nationally recognized, you’re going to have to offer sacrifices. One of the national singers who also resorted to occultism went to attend a Luciferian meeting in America and she came back with woman underwear called “String.”

It was newly released in order to trick women. Basically, the string is cursed. It is an invention of water sirens. Today many women are wearing string yet it is cursed. This singer who brought string in the Ivory coast wear miniskirts and expose herself.

When you hear secular music, the demon who is in covenant with the musical celebrity will show up in your house. There are demons everywhere in the world. When this demon shows up in your house, he will steal your star and he will hand it to the musical celebrity.

They used to work to cause children of Christians to play worldly music on their phones and laptops. Whenever these kids play worldly music on the phones and laptops, demons were invited and landed in their homes.

He continued his narration: “Worldly music attracts demons into your homes. These demons will steal your grace and stars in order to hand it to the musical celebrity. The demon that manages world music is called Baphomet. He is not a man or a woman. Many artists are attached to this demon.

When I was still a Satanist, many celebrities and artists came to see me. They came to seek notoriety and fame. When they came to me, I took them to the river to meet the sea dragon called Dracula.

I used to worship this demon. Many people have heard the name of Dracula in the movie. It is the name of the sea dragon that I was serving for I had a covenant with him. There are also dragons in forests. There are dragons of deserts, dragons of mountains.

These artists were signing a pact with the sea dragon in order to become famous. I remember after conversion, many months after leaving the devil, the sea dragon appear to me to claim my soul. When he showed up, he said, “You still belong to me, because you have something that belongs to me, which is the link between you and me.”

When I heard this, I was surprised. I came to understand there was a link that connected me to him, which was supposed to be broken. Quickly I went on to do a week of fasting and prayer in order to break the link. Brother, when a demon is in the body he won’t leave if there is legality. He will hang on something that enables him to stay. They are hardhead demons.

Whenever these singers needed a great voice, they receive snakes of many heads, which enables them to change their voice while singing. In worldly music, celebrities invite demons in their songs and demons sing in these songs. What is a worldly Song? A worldly song is song that the devil can sing.

Which songs can the devil sing? Any song that does not exalt God’s Throne above the devil’s throne. It includes Gospel song because not all gospel songs are gospel songs. Which songs can the devil not sing? Any song that does gives true Worship and Praise to the Lord. This refers to True Gospel Songs Only.


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