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Dancehall took Ghana music to where others couldn’t do – Epixode.

Energetic Dancehall artiste, Epixode has stated emphatically that, with no disrespect to other music genres, it is Dancehall music that projected Ghanaian music to international stages.

According to him on Ahosepe Xtra on Adom Tv, Dancehall music broke through about ten years ago and changed the music scene in Ghana.

He added that in the era where foreign musicians came to perform on grand stages before Ghana artistes are allowed to perform, it was a Dancehall artiste who stood firm to abolish that.

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Also, Epixode stated that Reggae Dancehall artists started filling a whole stadium for shows, entered Grammys, and got the biggest collaboration all over.

He further outlined that Reggae Dancehall is the originator of musicians’ fanbase in Ghana.

“If I should be very real about it, I will say Dancehall music took Ghana music where the other genres couldn’t do.

“No disrespect to them, but if we should date it back to close to a decade ago, you will tell that when Dancehall invaded the whole scene, it became a whole different thing.

“Out of Dancehall is how we got artiste with full entourage and fanbase and all of that

“Previously, if we should go to a stadium or conference centre for a show, you will definitely have an international artiste before, and the local artistes support.

“But I can boldly say that it took dancehall artistes to start that agenda that we can do it alone. That, to have a solo Dancehall artiste mount the stadium and then the whole place is full.

“So, I will say, Reggae and Dancehall took Ghana music further.

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“We are proud because, at the end of the day, you cannot take it out of our system right now.

“It took a dancehall artiste to enter Grammys. It took a dancehall artiste to get one of the biggest collaborations all over.

“For the records, maybe we will end it here but, no disrespect to the rest of the genres.

“I will only say that some of us who were there before it hit the mainstream saw the transition from that fact that, at first if you attend a show, the artiste becomes the audience, so if you finish performing, you have to join the audience to cheer the next artiste.

“That’s how reggae dancehall gets towards, and then we saw the other side too, we are able to mount the stadiums and international shows and all of that.


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