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Shatta wale Finally Speaks About “Fake” News In The Media That He Assaulted A Contractor

Shatta wale Finally Speaks About Fake News In The Media That He Assaulted A Contractor

Shatta wale has finally cleared the air regarding fake reports in the media that he recruited some Nima boys to beat a contractor working on roads

Reports , which Went viral , allegedly, had it that , Shatta wale was passing ,but the contractor and his team had altercations with him after her was Prevented

Nsoromanews.com can confirm ,the news was fake and that anything like that  happened

Shatta wale Finally posted on his Snapchat handles to rubbish the claims

“Some Ghana Bloggers for you ,they said Contractor stops me and I didn’t so I hire and I Called my Nima boys to beat them ,fix yourself before telling president to fix the country for you,no one is above the law” he said

Meanwhile ,In another post ,he Claimed he is not wrong



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