6 Ghanaians talk about their worst experiences on Val’s Day

Romantic candlelight dinner setting.

It’s the season of love and Ghana is full of things to do with your significant other or friend to show them you care.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. This is one of the most exciting holidays for couples because it reminds them of the special bond they have.

While couples look forward to expressing their love for each other this February, others have gone through horror experiences and have learnt their lessons.

Pulse.com.gh has taken the time to ask some Ghanaians their worst experiences on Valentines Day and their responses are heartbreaking:

@Ofie Panin

When my girlfriend told me on Val’s date that it’s not by force for me to be her bestie, she can have a bestie and I’ll be her normal boyfriend.

@Nana Afia Agyeiwaa

God being so good she didn’t have money her and we had to take a car, I was angry within so we walked from Adenta barrier to Amanfrom as her punishment.

After secondary school, I followed friends to a Val party, when I returned my things was waiting for me outside our home, so since then…..lalai


My boyfriend to be gave another girl a gift in front of me and later in the day came to my class and gave me a pen as my Val’s gift


Just about 3 years ago, on Val’s Day, my man left me because I gave him a handkerchief as a present. He said it was too cheap.

I am with a patient man now; Andrew. I am giving him a Range Rover this Valentine.

Lesson: accept her handkerchief now. Time changes.


A guy and I planned a date on Val’s Day. I thought we were going to sit at an open place to talk since it was our first visit and I have already communicated that I wanted an open place. When I was ready to move, I called the guy and he told me he was driving pass my place so he would come for me, then he will quickly change at home so that we could go.

I followed him home and of course, he told me to at least come inside. I entered his hall and all he could do was to make advances at me and ask for sex, something we never agreed on. I got angry and left for my house. Since then, I told myself I will only go on a Valentine date when I marry.

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