My Makeup Is In Your Mother’s Yansh – Angry Agradaa Brutalises Fan Who Called Out her Bleached and Spotty Face in Live Video

Nana Agradaa has completely torn into a fan and brutalised them after the fan called her out over her spotty face in a live video.

Agradaa claims she’s now an evangelist but nothing about her behaviour has changed – it’s almost like it’s her new scam!

I digress. Agradaa in a video going viral shut down a fan who commented on her bleached face not looking so fine without makeup.

A wildly animated Agradaa was ranting in another of her live videos against a pastor and promising that their sins would not go unpunished.

Whilst ranting, a fan commented and asked why she’s not wearing makeup.

Agradaa was already angry and had even snapped at one of her kids prior to that, so she eagerly poured all her frustrations on this netizen.

“My makeup is in your mother’s tr**m** (yansh), go and take it,” she wildly fired back.

The hilarious video has gone viral with netizens laughing at Agradaa for not being able to handle being called out and also for not behaving like an evangelist at all!

Watch the video below…


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