Your prayers don’t go beyond your church roof – Kevin Taylor mocks Duncan Williams


Controversial US-based Ghanaian vlogger Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has taken a swipe at the General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) Archbishop Nicholas Duncan William describing him as “spiritually powerless”.

Mr. Taylor who appear aggrieved after the Church issued a strike against him for using a video of the Archbishop in making a point on one of his high-viewership shows on Facebook and YouTube.

As a result of the content complaint by the Church, Mr. Taylor’s Loud Silence TV was forced to take it down which didn’t go down well with the vlogger who attacked the respected Archbishop saying his face towel when he is preaching and sweating looks like a Burkina Faso goat shepherd.

“You prayers don’t go anywhere. We were here when you were praying for the cedi to come down what happened. It didn’t work. Let me tell you, your prayers don’t go beyond the your church roof.” He attacked.

It will be recalled that on one Sunday in 2014, the respected Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams led his congregation to pray fervently for the recovery of the then fast depreciating Ghana Cedi as is the case now.

At the time, The US dollar, which sold at Ghc2.20 on the local foreign exchange market before Christmas 2013, sold at Ghc2.60 by February 3rd 2014. The British pound, which sold at Ghc3 pre-Christmas sold at Ghc4.20 same date in 2014 as well as the euro and CFA that sold at Ghc3.50 and Ghc4.80 respectively.

Concerned about the trend, The Archbishop prayed:

“…I hold up the cedi with prayer and I command the cedi to recover and I declare the cedi will not fall; it will not fall any further. I command the cedi to climb. I command the resurrection of the cedi. I command and release a miracle for the economy”.

After his prayers, the situation worsened.



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