Diamond was Mzbel’s dancer back in the day – Reason inferior Diamond passionately hates Mzbel finally exposed

Diamond Appiah passionately hates Mzbel because she once worked as her dancer and can never hope to be on the same level with her, it’s been revealed.

Diamond came up in the industry as a backup dancer to Mzbel.

This was revealed in a video spotted online by Nsoromanews.Com .

Watch below…

Mzbel was hugely successful at the time and one of the best singers around.

Diamond was nothing but a backup dancer with big dreams of stardom.

She later became a musician herself but her career miserably failed.

Mzbel continued to steadily rise and holds legendary status today.

Diamond has grown embittered against Mzbel over this and holds a grudge to this day.

Her inferiority complex is killing her, which is why she’s always trying to bring down the superior Mzbel.

Adu Safowaa mentioned this as well.

According to her, Diamond hates Mzbel because she can never hope to reach her level of stardom.

Mzbel is known wherever she goes but Diamond Sadwee can walk in town with no one recognizing her.

According to Safowaa, this kills Diamond more than anything else in the world!

We believe that to be the case as well.

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