I Am Solving Economic Problems Through Digitalization-Mute Bawumia

Vice President Bawumia has managed another tale to try to explain away his abandonment of duty as head of Akufo-Addo’s Economic Management Team (EMT) at a time when the economy is in a mess, saying he is already fixing the economy with digitisation.

On Monday, while addressing participants of an Agric students’ boot camp at the Jubilee House, the “Number One liar” Vice President claimed he was using his newfound fixation on digitalization as an indirect way to fix the economy.

“Sometimes people say, ‘well we thought you were an economist, you are doing so much in the IT space, have you left economics behind?’ no, no, no not at all. In fact it is because of the economy that I am focusing on digitization. Because without building those pillars, our economy will just not be able to stand on its own feet. We need to be able to build those pillars to allow all our sectors in the economy to be able to compete,” Dr. Bawumia claimed.

Interestingly, the Vice President’s indirect confrontation of Ghana’s economic challenges through the convoluted route of digitalization is happening even though the Akufo-Addo government has a whole Ministry of Communications.

And the Ministry of Communications has an agency called the National Communications Authority (NCA) which can easily handle digitalization.

What many analysts see is that, after leading a campaign of insults against the erstwhile Mahama government from the opposition and then coming to power as head of the failed EMT, Bawumia is now looking for wiggle room to run away from the worst economic mess of the Fourth Republic.

It would be recalled that even before the government would get neck-deep into the mess, Bawumia had basically been fired from the EMT coyly and substituted with Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Maafo.

For many people, Bawumia has been a monumental disappointment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bawumia is billed to deliver what is expected to be a comprehensive statement about the country’s economy next month; a speech expected to highlight the true state of the economy and the intervention the administration intends to deploy to salvage an economy that other economists have predicted to be going down a sleepy slope.

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