Nowadays Sex Is Free And Love Is Expensive – Efia Odo Says

Socialite Efia Odo seems to have observed that nowadays sex has become so cheap that it’s for free while love is rather expensive because the moment a romantic relationship is established between 2 people, sex becomes free.

An artist made a song that love doesn’t cost a dime but guess with this tweet of Efia Odo we can say the artist is wrong because love has become expensive and sex rather has become cheap the moment a romantic relationship is established.

This is something that seems to be happening in almost everywhere as s3kz become a free thing between people who confesses their love to each other but then getting that love has become very expensive and that’s what Efia Odo has drawn our attention to.

Some people seem to disagree with her on this but others agree with the fact that s3kz because cheap when a romantic relationship is established but getting love nowadays has become very expensive.

Screenshot below;


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