Sleeping With An Onion On Your Feet Has These Health Advantages.

What Are the Advantages of Sleeping With an Onion Under Your Feet?

What are the benefits of sleeping with onions on your feet?

Did you know that sleeping with a slice of onion on your feet may help with fevers, colds and even the flu?

While there is no scientific evidence that this is true, many believe that the purifying effect onions have on the air can make it more breathable. Onions (and garlic) are air purifiers and when in contact with the skin they kill germs and bacteria. Also, the juice that onions produce when you cut them open, when in contact with the skin, will enter the bloodstream and help purify the blood. Onions possess extraordinary properties, which can explain their highly regarded position in traditional medicine.

But why the feet? There is a vast amount of nerve endings in the soles of the feet, which serve as pathways to vital organs. According to traditional medicine, these connection points are called meridians. They act as a powerful electrical circuit that, when stimulated, provides access to the rest of the body. Because of this, it is believed that, by sleeping with onions on the soles of your feet, you can transfer all the beneficial properties of the onions to the rest of the body. It is believed that by doing so, the onion slices can open the meridians located on the bottom of each foot, and draw out toxins, bacteria and sickness. And, as mentioned before, it can purify the blood and even help reduce foot odour.

By placing onions on your feet, you can:

  • Help prevent infections: onions will help boost your immune system. They can help your treatment be more effective. They have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.
  • Improve the elimination of toxins: the phosphoric acid in onions (what they release when you cut them) works as a magnet for toxic substances. This can help purify your blood.
  • Provide antioxidants: onions can help maintain the bodies’ defences. They are rich in vitamins E and C, which are antioxidants.

The only thing you need to do is slice a white or purple onion into slices and place them on the arch of your foot with socks or a shoelace, not too tight, to avoid circulation issues.

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