SAD NEWS: Tears Flow As Two Children Was Found Dead After Their Mother Left Them For A Short Meeting;Sad Photos Drops-CHECK.

Ana and Anabel are twin sisters born to Mr. and Mrs. Agyeman. They used to stay in the Eastern Region. They have given birth to three children.

One boy and two twin girls. The girls are three and a half years old, respectively, while the boy is eleven months old.

Her husband works on a construction site. He works at the job site during the week and returns home on weekends.According to the woman, she received a call from a friend nearby asking her to come over and see something, so she decided to give it a few minutes and decided to leave her twin daughters at home and rush to where she was going so that she could come back early. When she was leaving, the little girls were playing on the couch, so she left, as she always does. But this time she did not meet her plans as she was supposed to. When she returned home, she did not see her children, so she started yelling for them. She continued to yell out until she entered the kitchen and saw that both children were in a pool of water, and they had passed out.

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