SAD NEWS: 5-Month Old Pregnant Lady Raped By Radio Presenter (Pastor)-SEE DETAILS.

Information as captured on Facebook revealed that, a lady who is 5 months pregnant has been raped by a Radio presenter(Pastor).

In the morning, I went to the hospital to register because we usually have a programme every Wednesday. On this faithful day, I went to church but unfortunately, they have ended the service.

“He collected the list I brought from the hospital but said to me that, the items in the list given to me were too much and he later said I should go and make a photocopy which I did.

After I have done it, he said I should take it to the Altar so that he can pray on the list. While sitting down, he started pressing my stomach, he asked me how many months is my pregnancy? It’s five months old, I answered.

“He said that he is going to do some spiritual work me for before my delivery but he later stood up and entered a room and called me to enter a room inside the church. He asked me to remove my cloth and lie down and I did all the things he asked my to do

“He dipped his middle finger with oil into my private part and said to me that, my baby is vertical instead of being horizontal. He said he would put oil in my priv@te part and would help me insert it with his priv@te part so that the oil would get into the baby.

“He rubbed oil on his priv@te part and asked me to open my legs. He then had sex with me. He said he was not suppose to do it but helped me because my husband was not around.

“It was after he had sex with me that I came into my right senses. He said I should swear that I should not tell anyone including my mother. He said I will die if I tell anybody.

“He did not put on his garment when we had the sèx. When he was having sèx with me, he gave me one small cross that I should put on my navel, table water and poured perfume inside. he also asked me to drink a little out of the water and prayed for me. That I should be using it and that the baby will turn to normal position within three days.”

Below is a screenshot of the above information .

Source: NewTelegraph

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