Two including one female arrested in connection with killing of 8 Fulani herdsmen at Yendi

Fulani settlement attacked

Suspect in attack on Fulani settlement remanded into custody

Police pursue more suspects attack on Fulani settlement

The Northern Regional Police Command has arrested two suspects including one Danko Delabra in connection with the murder of some 8 Fulani herdsmen at a settlement within the Yendi Municipality.

According to a police statement, Danko Delabra has been identified as one of the alleged assailants who attacked the Fulani settlement on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

“The Northern Regional Police Command, through an intelligence-led operation, has arrested Danko Delabra for his alleged involvement in an attack on a Fulani settlement within the Yendi municipality of the Northern Region.

“The suspect is alleged to have been among a gang of armed men who stormed a Fulani settlement on April 13, 2022, murdered (8) of the inhabitants, injured 5 others, took away some livestock and set the settlement ablaze,” the police said in a statement.

Arraigned before the Yendi Circuit Court for his alleged involvement in the attack, police said Danko Dalebra has been remanded into custody and will reappear before the court on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

In an interview, the Northern Regional Police Crime Officer, Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga, noted that a female suspect has also been arrested in conncetion with the crime.

“There was an arrest in connection with the Zakoli murder issue that happened recently where 8 Fulanis were killed. One suspect was arrested and is helping in investigations. A female suspect was also picked up by the police to assist in that regard.

“The one who was arrested (male suspect) that was in Yendi, and the other one was also arrested in one of the communities which investigations are ongoing to unearth the group or the gang responsible for this heinous crime,” the police superintendent stated.

Meanwhile, a joint team of police intelligence and operations officers have been dispatched from the National and Regional Police Headquarters to pursue and arrest other suspects involved in the crime.

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