You will go hungry if you work one job in the UK – UK-based Ghanaian says taxes are too much

UK-based Ghanaian, Italian Danny Lampo has stated that menial job holders with one job in the UK may go hungry unless they learn some skills on the side.

In a chat on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ the financial analyst cum musician suggested that Ghanaians who wish to come to the UK must look for better job opportunities if they want a comfortable life.

“Life in the UK is too expensive. You pay for everything. You will get the job, but at the end of the month, they will take most of it back. If you are not smart, you will not make money in this country.”

“You need to be smart, or you will live hand to mouth. You can’t stick to one thing. You will go hungry. Most people rent a room and share a bathroom and kitchen, but it’s not comfortable. It is better to get a well-paying job or a second job,” Danny told DJ Nyaami.

Danny added that there are many job opportunities for nurses and care assistants in the National Health Service UK.

Known in real life as Daniel Amponsah, the Afrobeats artiste mentioned that he does not want music as a job.

“I do music on the side. It is a passion, and I don’t see it as a job. If I take it as a job, it becomes stressful. Music is a way for me to escape and relax,” he added.

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