2022 Labour Day: How many PWDs will take part in this year’s celebrations? – EHHF quizzes

Our people continue to be stigmatised, EHHF boss

EHHF boss questions what is being done to change narratives about PWDs

All sectors of work discriminate against PWDs, EHHF boss

The Executive Director of the Extra Helping Hand Foundation, Takyi Duku, has bemoaned the continuous stigmatization and discrimination that have accompanied the chances of persons living with disabilities in the field of work.

He explained that with this poor representation of PWDs across the country, and as the world prepares to mark this year’s labour day, he wonders if they would even be considered enough to participate in the celebrations.

“The poor representation of Persons living With Disabilities on the labour market as we approach labour day, it is a bitter reality that persons with disabilities have been ill-treated, sidelines in almost all sectors of employment as far as the development of our country is concerned.

“The question really is, how many persons living with disabilities will be part of the celebrations this year? And as a nation, what are doing to make sure that this narrative changes for the better? Employment and entrepreneurship opportunities have always been hard for persons living with disabilities due to discrimination, stigmatisation, lack of accessibility, negligence of the law, and many more,” he lamented.

Takyi Duku made this known during a stakeholders workshop on the poor representation of Persons living With Disabilities (PWDs) on the labour market organized by Extra Helping Hands Foundation (EHHF) in collaboration with the CEPD.

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