Popular Prophet Caught Chewing A Married Woman After He Enticed Her With Transport And False Prophecy-WATCH VIDEO

A 45-year-old Hatfield woman was raped at her house by a self-styled prophet after she was offered transport and given fake prophecies.

The woman reported the matter on Tuesday after realising she had been duped.

The victim has since been referred to Edith Clinic for medical examination.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova, confirmed the case.

“Police are investigating a case involving a Hatfield woman who was raped by a man only identified as TK, on March 20, 2022, at around 12pm,” said Asst Insp Dzvova.

“The complainant was walking along Nirvana Road, Hatfield, when she was approached by the accused person, who was driving a white motor vehicle, yet to be identified.

“Accused person offered a lift to the complainant, since they were going in the same direction, and she agreed.

“Along the way, the accused pretended as if he was a prophet and convinced the complainant to go with him to her residence, so that he could perform some rituals.

When the two arrived at the complainant’s home, the accused person asked the complainant to spread a white cloth and asked for coarse salt and a cup of water.

“The accused person started to pray by putting some cross signs on the complainant’s legs and hands, using the water.

The accused person asked the complainant to remove her pants and urinate in the bucket and she complied.

“The accused caressed the complainant and raped her once without protection,” Asst Insp Dzvova said.

He said a number of people were falling prey to these false prophets, either getting raped or being robbed. H Metro.

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