EXPOSED: Former Worker At Thunder TV Drops Revelation About Agradaa’s Church Business-WATCH VIDEO.

A former television presenter at Thunder TV, Naana Brown has dropped some revelations about the newly established church by Nana Agraada.

In an interview on Neat Fm, Naana Brown stated clearly that Nana Agradaa is not a repented soul. She added that Nana Agradaa is now using the church as business to dupe people again. She revealed that the workers in the church are her workers at Thunder TV and also persons who used to help her at the shrine during her “Sika gari” days. She added that Nana Agradaa sells oil and other items in church just to enrich herself. Naana Brown revealed that all the members in Agradaa’s church are actors who pretend to the general public.

“With this people will believe that Nana Agradaa is indeed a repented soul but that is not the case” she said.

Naana Brown also revealed that if she passes away(die) anytime soon, then it the work of Nana Agradaa. She explained that Nana Agradaa has threatened her several times because she(Naana Brown) contains several deep secrets that may end Agraada’s agenda.

Click here to watch the video.

Nana Agradaa is generally known to be female fetish priest who used to convert small amount of money to a large sum of money. It turns out that her actions were all fake and she apologized to that effect. She has now formed a new church of which some persons like Naana Brown believes that it is new way of duping people.

Source:Neat Fm

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