NPP communications broke down because of me – Bridget Otoo shades

E-Levy implemented

Bridget Otoo complains about E-Levy charges

NPP communicators attack Bridget Otoo

Broadcast journalist Bridget Otoo has hit back at several communicators and sympathizers of the ruling New Patriotic Party who vilified her for making a Facebook post about the E-Levy.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2022, the female broadcaster took to her Facebook page to complain about the newly implemented Electronic Transfer Levy after she was charged some GHC127.0 for a transaction.

Her post, however, attracted attacks from persons largely made up of communicators and sympathizers of the ruling party who accused her of perpetuating falsehood in her post.

According to her critics, her Facebook post, which was shared with a screenshot of a debit alert message, was falsified as the date of the message showed April 5, even though the day of the transaction was Tuesday, April 4.

Following several posts made to attack her on the matter, it was later confirmed by some financial institutions and persons working in the financial sector that the message was authentic.

In defence of the message being dated ahead of time, the experts explained that systems which banks work with are set up to date transactions to the next working day if the transaction is carried out on holidays.

One of her fierce critics, Patrick Kwarteng Sarpong, subsequently issued a public apology to Bridget Otoo for vilifying her over her post.

In response to the apology, the journalist chastised her critics, saying they were not tactful because they were politically influenced.

“I have seen some nice gentlemen apologize to me for yesterday’s holiday bank date transaction gaffe! While I appreciate it, I don’t need an apology; what I want all of us to learn from this is to put the hatred we feel for someone aside and pause for a second and question things our so-called ‘leaders of party communication tell us’ when people call you an attack dog to insult without reasoning and like a bot, you do so, you are insulting the very brain God specially created for YOU.

“I am intelligent and prefer intellectual discourse; I don’t shy away from letting my opinion known and the consequences of which I bear with my chest. When you want to come after someone who doesn’t have a history of lies and scam, you need to be tactful because someone like me will defend my name to the hilt. You may not like my political view; you may not like the fact that I support Fmr. Prez. Mahama, you may not like me cos I have exposed scammers and helped abort scams… I am not out here to be liked; I’m not ice cream,” she wrote.

According to Bridget Otoo, the NPP’s communication team exhibited incompetence by attacking her over something they could have verified.

“For a whole NPP party communication to break down because of me, for them not to hesitate to verify from some of their members who are bankers speaks to the incompetence of their social media leadership and, by extension, the government communication. You were just happy to insult the girl who is demanding more from an underperforming Prez Nana Addo.

“I’m not responsible for your unemployment, I am not the reason NPP hasn’t employed you despite the work you do for them, I am not the reason why Ghana has fallen 30 places in ‘Press Freedom’ I am not the reason e-levy was introduced and finally, I am not the reason banks post-holiday dates by assigning the next working day date.

“Please know where to channel your anger; at least the men have apologized while the little boys are secretly deleting their messages. Lead your flock in candour, not in deceit and corruption,” she added.

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