JUST IN: Robbers Attacked Traders The Same Place A Teacher Was K!lled-SEE DETAILS.

Some unidentified armed robbers on Thursday night attacked a cargo car at Zagbang near Yendi and made away with some monies and mobile phones.


The robbery incident happened at the same spot where a teacher from Dagbon State Senior High School was killed by suspected armed robbers some few weeks ago.


The killing of the teacher, who was a Konkomba by tribe led to the killing of 8 Fulani men at Zokoli near Yendi in what was believed to have been a reprisal attack by some Konkomba men for the killing of the teacher.

The cargo car was carrying traders who were returning from market after trading on the market day.


The robbers reportedly manhandled the victims at gun point and made away with sums of money and a number of Mobile phones.

It is believed that, it could be the same robbers who attacked the teacher and killed him who have launched last night attack on the traders, but others think it could be different armed robbers.


Residents on that stretch of road have been calling on the security agencies to beef up security in the area to reduce the incidents of armed robbery in the area.


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