Parents should befriend their children – Educational Consultant

An Educational Consultant at the Refiners Fire Global Ministries, Pastor Eli Asiam, has advised parents to form close bonds with their children.

According to her, a lot of children are unable to approach their parents because “these parents are not friends with their children.”

Speaking to Paul Anomah Kordieh on e.TV Ghana’s Christian Connect show, she said, “Our kids come back from school, the playground and we don’t even question them nor even have conversations with them about their day. If we don’t do this, the children cannot be our friends. This is where there will be things going on in their lives and we’ll have no idea about.”

She highlighted that it is different if children have a good relationship with their parents. “If you’re a friend to your child and you’re always there for them, then you’ll be the first they will come to for everything. There will also be so many things that has been going on with them on a daily basis you will be aware of,” she said.

She encouraged parents who are yet to befriend their children to do so. “It is a very great opportunity for you as parents to advise them, train and correct them in the ways of God.”

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