Sad Photos From Tema: Victim Who Lost 3,000 Ghana Finally Speaks -WATCH VIDEO.

Sad Photos from Tema


It is our constant prayer that the Almighty God keep us from danger and evil. It was reported yesterday that a terrible fire outbreak occured at Tema which destroyed a lot of properties. Kingdom news did the follow up to bring out vivid photos from Tema after the Fire outbreak. Some of the victims speaking on Kingdom news narrates how they were affected badly as a result of the fire outbreak.


It was revealed that, the incidence destroyed about 32 outboard motors used by the fishermen. One of the victims speaking on Kingdom news made it clear that, his amount of money which worth 3,000 Ghana Cedis has been destroyed by the fire.

The fire outbreak started around 7am. We could not save any items in our rooms. I lost my 3,000 Ghana Cedis. Currently, we are looking forward to see if the Government will come to our aid. We also need help from Non Governmental Organizations NG0″. – Victim speaks.


Victims In Tema After The Fire Outbreak.

It was later revealed that, three (3) people have be injured and they were sent to the hospital for medical treatment.





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