I Have Never Seen Something Like This Happen Before Amongst Muslims In Ghana-Kelvin Taylor Boldly Reveals-CHECK DETAILS.

The popularly known USA-based Ghanaian broadcast journalist has recently sparked massive stirs, debates, and arguments across all social media platforms after he boldly revealed another unexpected secret about the Akufo Addo government over the chief Imam and Muslim community.


Speaking on the most anticipated “Loud Silence Media” show, Kelvin Taylor undoubtedly expressed his immense disappointment aside highlighting that, the chief Imam, Osman Nuhu Sharubutu not to allow Dr. Bawumia and the NPP government to split the Muslim community with politicians.


Kelvin Taylor later took the opportunity to dive into other serious that may cause more harm than good to the Muslim community in case the current chief Imam unexpectedly passes on.

The existence and democracy of the nation lie in your hands. Since I was born, something like this has never happened before in Ghana amongst Muslims. The chief Imam has lived an exemplary life, please put things in order. My biggest fear is that, if the chief Imam passed on, we are going to have the biggest calamity and destabilization in the Muslim community. As we speak, the way we have allowed politics and Bawumia group to infiltrate the religion is dangerous. Breaking fast became very political. Now that the man who was supposed to succeed the chief Imam has passed on, because of politics, you will find it difficult to get another individual to become the chief Imam in the country. Since the NPP came to office, they have split our Muslim brothers and sisters”, Kelvin Taylor emphatically revealed.



Source: Loudsilencemedia

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